2021 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Development and Environmental Science (ICSDES2021)
Prof. Caixia Chen

Prof. Caixia Chen


Prof. Caixia Chen

Department of Chemical Engineering for Energy, East China University of Science and Technology, China

Speech Tilte: A Comprehensive Two-fluid Model for Industrial Moving Grate MSW Incinerators


We present a comprehensive, efficient computational method for industrial moving grate MSW incinerators. In the new approach, the bed model includes a transient two-fluid simulation using realistic grate geometry cut by the incinerator throat, which includes a dynamic coupling of heat and mass transfers between the fuel bed and the lower combustion chamber. The kinetic theory of granular flow (KTGF) was introduced to describe the rheological properties of waste particles, and the Ergun model was used for the gas-solid drag. Thermal conversion of wastes was characterized by the heterogeneous reactions of moisture evaporation, devolatilization, char-O2 combustion and the homogeneous reactions of hydrocarbons combustion. The simulated bedtop profiles are then used as inlet conditions to run a 3D steady simulation of turbulent gas combustion for the whole furnace.  The simulation results are validated with 3D transient full-incinerator results and on-site measurement data. The new computational method highly promotes the computational efficiency and shows a potential to serve as a useful tool for the design and operation of industrial moving grate MSW incinerators.


Professor Chen received B.Sc degree (1983) and Ph.D degree (1990) in Thermal and Power Engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

Her current research is focused on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and its application in gas-solid and gas-liquid-solid multiphase flows.  She is actively involved in modeling and simulation of coal gasification, municipal sludge waste incineration and other thermal physics problems related to a variety of energy conversion and/or chemical processes. Examples include moving grate sludge waste combustion, fluidized bed coal gasification, and gas-liquid flow in bubble columns. Her work is interdisciplinary and combines thermal engineering, chemical and environmental engineering.

She is an author of one book and more than 60 papers and received Science and Technology Progress Award, the State Educational Commission, 1995.